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Download information and the application below.

Complete the application and mail in with all required documentation according to the instructions found in Application Information.

Apply for a House

Do I qualify for a Habitat Home?

Family selection is based on the condition of your current residence, need, ability to repay Habitat the cost of a house over 25-30 years, credit record, employment record, and willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

1)      Need for decent housing. If the place where you now stay is crowded or in bad condition, and if your income shows you cannot possibly afford a better place, you may qualify for a house.

2)      Ability to pay for a Habitat home. If you work and your yearly income is between $18,000 and $30,000.

3)      Willingness to partner with Habitat. If you are selected,

a.       You must work “Sweat Equity” hours towards the construction of a Habitat home, including your own. The number of “Sweat Equity” hours is determined by your family composition. Work performed by family and friends is credited to these hours as well.

b.      You must make regular monthly payments toward your down payment and insurance. You will need to have enough money paid to Habitat before closing to cover your insurance, utility fees, and down payment. The total is about $1000.

c.       You must attend classes that are offered. These classes may include financial planning/budgeting, home repairs, legal matters (wills, insurance, banking), parenting, taxes, wise purchasing, and landscaping.

The Family Selection Committee will review your complete application packet which includes the Application, Employment Verification, Monthly Financial Information, and Credit Report. The Board of Directors has final approval authority.

1)      Qualified applicants will be visited to assess the condition of your current residence and for any additional information needed.

2)      Employment will be verified and references will be contacted.